An Open Note to My Painters, Present and Future

We’ve had some good times, the bunch of us.  I sub-out my painting to you, and in return you get my money. 

You know I appreciate all you do, preparing the site for you by removing all outlet and switch plates and even going so far as to detach outlets from boxes and tilt them inward to allow you swift passage across the walls without the need for concern of painting over an outlet.

So I hope you can understand my heartbreak when, after missing one unexpected outlet behind a lone packing box, I come back for inspection to find this


Seriously, WTF?

There’s a 50% chance I also used your company as the drywall finishing and repair subcontractor.  That means after discovering this lone outlet, your assigned team discovered this situation and decided it was not worth the half minute  to remove the plate, and five minutes or less to skim the defects and come back to it after the rest of the walls were painted.  Rather, you opted to race past – no, across – the outlet and leave the splatter for someone else to clean.

I lay awake, restless, wondering if it’s my fault. Was I not a good GC to you? Are detailed scopes of work, letting you supply your own materials with mark-up, bringing you in as soon as practical, and same-day-completion payments not enough?  Could I have done more?  If you cut those corners for me, what other corners have been cut that I’m unaware of?  Lower quality materials than specified?  Only one coat of color instead of two?  Or did I simply misplace too much trust in you to do professional, detail-oriented work as if it were your own home?

You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!

Sorry, I lost my composure there and reverted to obscure movie references.

Painters, I think it’s time we see other people.  Maybe I’ll call you sometime.

Shhhhh….It’s not me, it’s you. I promise.

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