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Make the most out of your basement remodeling in Leawood, KS, with the best basement remodeler in the area. Mortise & Miter is just as committed to your project as you are!

We’ve been working around Johnson County for many years now, and we know exactly what basements in Leawood need. We’re doing everything from finishing to remodeling, including waterproofing your basement to make it a functional space you can use daily.

No matter how big the project is, with us, you’re getting a high-quality remodel that’ll leave you 100% satisfied, and we’ll make sure of that!

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A Basement Remodel That Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

Mortise & Miter is devoted to giving our customers a unique basement remodel experience. With years of expertise and hundreds of completed basements, we understand precisely what it takes to build gorgeous and practical basements that surpass your dreams!

You’ll enjoy:

Reach The Next Level Of Functionality With A Superior Basement Remodel!

Homeowners often forget just how much potential their basement carries and how valuable these spaces can be. With a finished basement you’re able to increase the value of your home while also ensuring it sells faster than ever before.

But besides the financial benefits of remodeling a basement, the intrinsic value this space can bring is huge. Imagine an extra space that you can use for anything you want, from an in-house gym to a man cave, and from an extra living room with a bedroom to a tranquil office where you can work on your projects.

You’ll have complete control over the design and features of your new space, so you can make sure it’ll meet all your needs and wants. We’re attentive and considerate of your wishes, and we’ll execute your vision to perfection.

Check out our basement remodeling offer in Leawood, KS, and get the best deal on your project right now! Make a real investment with Mortise & Miter!

Leawood Homeowners Love Their Finished Basements!

Unlock the potential of your basement and join the community in Leawood that has already discovered what this great opportunity can do for them. Check out their reviews to see just how they’ve been able to transform their basements with us!


Matt Hankins


John with Mortise & Miter was amazing with his response time, and timeliness of my project! He did an awesome job, and I couldn’t be happier!

Although my project wasn’t the largest, I always felt like I was a priority, and given as much time as I’m sure he gives his largest clients.

I highly recommend Mortise & Miter to anyone needing something done to their home!


Jason L


Working with John took all the worries away that we though we had. Especially liked his proposal packet that listed every detail and floor plans and all the specifics on materials. Also was a fixed-price so there was no hassle along the way for us.

Even when we weren’t sure about some of the new layout, he just asked us some questions and immediately described some options that were perfect!

VERY good communication the whole way, and he really did make us a part of the process. We felt like he had a great respect for us and out home!

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Basements can be anything you want them to be, except the dark places you see only in movies. Now, homeowners are finishing and remodeling their basements to work in their favor. Below are just some of the most common upgrades, but make no mistake, you can transform your basement into absolutely anything you want to!

Guest Bedroom

Installing an extra bedroom in your basement is a great way to expand the living space of your home and give your guests a reason to spend the night. Besides, as you and your family continue to grow, having additional room ensures everyone’s needs are met.

An extra bedroom can be a great asset, whether you want to welcome overnight guests more frequently, draw your family closer together or even make some extra money by renting it out. It’s an opportunity that promises something for everyone!

However, it’s important to note that a this upgrade will result in more living square footage, so higher property taxes.

Basement remodel in Lenexa with furniture

A Man Cave

A man cave would be a great place for you and your friends to gather and kick back over a football game or a round of pool.

And getting this transformation won’t even be difficult. In fact, all you’ll need is for the basement to be finished and then add a couch, some stools, a TV, the pool table, and maybe even a bar.

This room would be ideal for relaxation and to distance yourself from a stressful day, but from a functional standpoint, there might be better options.

A pool table in basement

An Office Or Workspace

After the pandemic, many of our customers wanted to transform their basements into their offices. These rooms are perfect for that, as they’re rather quiet and tranquil, with very few distractions.

The upgrade wouldn’t be too expensive either, all you’ll need is to finish the basement, add a desk, and some cabinets, and that’s it!

If the basement is large, you can have an office in one room, and a living room or a bedroom in another. The opportunities are endless, and with a good designer, you’ll be able to make the most advantageous choice for your home.

In-House Gym

In this day and age, it’s hard to make time for everything on the list. Even if you can set aside a portion of your day for exercise, gym memberships are usually expensive, and driving there might take away precious moments from other tasks.

If you seek a healthy and fit lifestyle, the best alternative is to bring your own gym right into your home.

You can exercise in an environment where distractions are minimal and privacy is guaranteed – this will help keep you inspired while allowing you to stay focused on achieving fruitful results.

An in-house gym in a basement

Here's What Your Basement Can Look Like!

Here at Mortise & Miter, we are passionate about crafting masterpieces that will elevate the quality of your life in unimaginable ways. Get motivated for your upcoming project by checking out our impressive gallery!

A Highly Efficient Process To Get You Going

Take the worry out of your experience and create a stress-free process for you and your family. We developed our process with comfort in mind, knowing that this would lead to an enjoyable journey and outcome.

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Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your project!



You’ll be in full control of everything during the building phase.
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Enjoy your new, transformed basement!

Frequently Asked Questions

After your walls and floors are repaired, focus on installing bright light fixtures or bulbs. Since basements don’t have windows letting in natural sunlight, good lighting is crucial. Once you’ve sorted out the lighting, you can start turning the space into anything you want!

A complete renovation could cost up to $70,000, providing you with an additional bedroom, bathroom, and major living area – all ready for use! If you want to add a bar, kitchenette, or entertainment center, expect the price to go up to $80K due to the additional cabinets.

We’ll offer you an exact quote after our initial consultation.

Generally, your basement renovation should be completed in about five weeks. Depending on the intricacy of the job, however, this timeline may vary slightly. Before we start your project, we’ll give you a clear schedule of events so that you’re always in the loop about what’s happening in your home.

We partner with a few of the most experienced and reliable artisans in Kansas City. Our trusted partners are committed to upholding the highest remodeling standards while managing all elements of your home’s makeover, from flooring to lighting. We’re all experts in the building codes in Leawood, KS, so you’ll receive the highest remodeling quality in the market!

A basement remodel in progress with dark elegant stairs

Take Your Home To The Next Level Of Functionality And Comfort With A New Basement!

It’s time to commit and move forward with your basement remodeling in Leawood – as now is the best time to do so!

Here at Mortise & Miter, we recognize how intimidating basement remodeling can be. That’s why our team works hand-in-hand with you to fulfill your desires and create the space of which you’ve always dreamed.

With us as your partner in remodeling, there is no need for concern – everything will go according to plan so that all the stress and worry that normally come along with it are a thing of the past!

With your local experts from Mortise & Miter in Leawood, KS, you’ll also get:

Revamp Your Basement Help It Reach Its True Full Potential

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