The Best Basement Remodeling In Olathe KS

If you’re considering starting a basement remodeling project in Olathe KS, make sure to get the most for your money with Mortise & Miter!

A basement remodel can increase the square footage of your home, boost its value, and give you the chance to create a completely new area that you may use in a variety of ways.

Since day one, Mortise & Miter has been remodeling basements all over Johnson County. We know exactly what a basement should look like because we have years of transforming these spaces into what they can truly become.

No matter if you’re looking to get a new walkout or walkup basement, we’re bringing the finest craftsmanship right to your doorstep!

A living room in a walk-out basement

A Basement Remodel That Keeps On Giving

Here at Mortise & Miter, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a one-of-a-kind remodel. After years of experience and hundreds of basements finished, we know exactly what it takes to create stunning and practical basements that exceed your expectations!

You’ll enjoy:

Let Your Basement Reach Its True Potential With A Superior Remodel!

The majority of homeowners overlook their basements for a long time, forgetting that this area has so much potential. In fact, new, finished basements will make your property sell faster and for more money.

Not only will remodeling this room increase your home’s value on the market, but it will also bring great enjoyment to your life.

You’ll have complete control over the design and features of your new space, so you can make sure it’ll meet all of your needs and wants. From a man cave where you can watch the game with your friends to a safe room for the little ones to play in, your choices are limitless!

Check out our basement remodeling offer in Olathe and get the best deal on your project right now! Make a real investment with Mortise & Miter!

Olathe Homeowners Love Their Finished Basements!

Transform your basement into the space you want it to be, and join your neighbors in Olathe who have already taken advantage of this great opportunity. Here’s what they say about working with us!


Matt Hankins


John with Mortise & Miter was amazing with his response time, and timeliness of my project! He did an awesome job, and I couldn’t be happier!

Although my project wasn’t the largest, I always felt like I was a priority, and given as much time as I’m sure he gives his largest clients.

I highly recommend Mortise & Miter to anyone needing something done to their home!


Jason L


Working with John took all the worries away that we though we had. Especially liked his proposal packet that listed every detail and floor plans and all the specifics on materials. Also was a fixed-price so there was no hassle along the way for us.

Even when we weren’t sure about some of the new layout, he just asked us some questions and immediately described some options that were perfect!

VERY good communication the whole way, and he really did make us a part of the process. We felt like he had a great respect for us and out home!

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Your basement can be whatever you want it to be.

It may be a place where the children are doing their homework, the quiet room where you can read your a new book, or the perfect room to watch a movie with your friends. It can be a the workshop that finally helps your finish some of your projects, or the office that allows you to properly get things done.

Your options are limitless, and all it takes to get this awesome upgrade is a great design!

Guest Bedroom

Installing a bedroom in your basement is an excellent method to increase the living square footage of your house. As your family grows, you’ll need more room to meet everyone’s changing needs.

An extra bedroom may entice your visitors to stay the night, allow your family to get together more often, or help you make some additional money while also helping someone with a place to rent.

Bedroom in basement

A Playroom

Many families here in Olathe love the idea of transforming their basement into a risk-free playroom so that their children could explore and run around without a worry.

If you want to keep your kids screen-free for a while, make sure the whole room is safe for them to explore, and add in some of their favorite toys.

The most appealing aspect of this change is how inexpensive it is. And when you consider that the kids will eventually grow, it’s even better, since you may quickly turn the basement into whatever else you want.

Or, you can build a playroom for yourself and your friends! All it takes is a pool table!

A pool table in basement

An Office Or Workspace

The biggest obstacle to productivity for employees working from home was always distractions and a lack of focus. With people walking in and out of the frame during Zoom calls, it became difficult to maintain any sense of professionalism.

Since we’ve made the switch to working remotely, an increasing number of our customers have been remodeling their basements into offices or workspaces – whether for themselves or their children.

A beautiful desk with leather chair in a basement

In-House Gym

In today’s society, it can be incredibly difficult to find time for everything. Even if you do have time to workout, gym memberships can become expensive, and driving there might take up valuable minutes.

If you want to stay fit and healthy, the best solution is getting your own gym at home. Being able to work out in your comfort zone, without distractions or other people’s prying eyes will help you stay focused and motivated

In-house gym in basement

Here's What Your Basement Can Look Like!

At Mortise & Miter, we pride ourselves in creating superior end-products that will improve the quality of your life in ways you never thought possible. Get inspired for your next project by checking out our gallery!

A Highly-Efficient Process To Get You Going

Go thorough a process that puts no pressure on you and your loved ones. We designed our process for your comfort and well-being, as we know this ensures a smooth sailing and a pleasant experience.

Three people sitting at a table discussing project details.



Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your project!



You’ll be in full control of everything during the building phase.
Finished basement



Enjoy your new, transformed basement!

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of our customers appreciate having a larger basement after we finish the redesign. You could use that extra space for anything, like an area to entertain guests or more room for your growing family.

With your walls and floors repaired, focus on installing bright light fixtures or bulbs. Since basements don’t have windows letting in natural sunlight, good lighting is crucial. Once you’ve sorted out the lighting, you can start turning the space into anything you want!

A basement renovation costs about $70,000 in total. This means your empty basement will have a fully functional bedroom, bathroom, and major living area.

If you want to add a bar, kitchenette, or entertainment center, expect the price to go up to $80K due to the additional cabinets.

On average, your basement renovation will take approximately five weeks. This time-frame could change based on the complexity of the job.

Before we start your project, we’ll give you a clear schedule of events so that you’re always in the loop about what’s happening in your home.

We work with some of Kansas City’s most experienced craftsmen. Our trustworthy partners will make certain that your home is up to the highest remodeling standards, and that everything from floors to lighting is handled responsibly, as per the building codes in Kansas.

I’m John, the mastermind behind Mortise & Miter. Your entire basement conversion will be managed by you and me. I have quite a bit of experience in this area as I am licensed carpenter and builder with over 25 years in interior design and architecture under my belt.

A basement remodel in Olathe

Stop Postponing The Upgrade You Deserve!

If you’ve been putting off your basement remodeling in Olathe, now is the time to make a final decision and get started.

At Mortise & Miter, we understand that basement remodeling can be a stressful process. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure their needs and wants are met, so they can have the space they’ve always envisioned. With us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your remodel will go smoothly – without any of the stress or anxiety that these projects can bring.

With your local experts from Mortise & Miter in Olathe KS, you’ll also get:

Reimagine Your Basement And Boost The Quality Of Your Life

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