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If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling in Overland Park, you’re in the right place – you just found your safest option to upgrade your home!

For over eight years now, Mortise & Miter has been serving homeowners in Overland Park, Johnson County! Like your neighbors, you’ll benefit from more than 25 years of design experience and project management.

You can rest assured your new bathroom will look nothing short of impressive! You’ll be proud of having a bath that competes with remodels you see online or in magazines.

Beautiful white bathroom with a glass shower and tub, remodeling by Mortise and Miter in Johnson County

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Your Premium Bathroom Remodel Awaits You!

Like most homeowners in Overland Park, you want to remodel your bathroom for different reasons. You might want to increase your bath’s functionality, upgrade a dated look, or increase your property’s value.

In short: you want to be proud of your bathroom.

We built our core values around your needs and preferences. And because we know remodeling can be stressful, our goal is to minimize the anxiety other contractors bring with their service.

You’ll get a streamlined process to help you get started and constant guidance at all times during your project. This ensures smooth sailing during your bathroom renovation and a bathroom you can be proud of.

Discover our bathroom remodel offer and make the first step toward a timeless bath that’ll leave your guests in awe!

Homeowners In Overland Park Love Their New Bathrooms

Christabel D.


Such a pleasure to do business with a group of people who were able to make my dreams a reality. 

Value, professionalism, and quality were fabulous. Highly recommend.


Keith W.


He’s upfront and professional from the beginning

He understands what you’re asking for and walks you through areas you didn’t think of. 

Great quality and no playing games around pricing and deliverables.

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel

Check out these amazing projects that we worked on! Give your bath the only chance it needs to become a more functional and aesthetic space!

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

When it comes to upgrades and materials, your choices are endless. To avoid decision fatigue and getting stuck in the process, our bathroom experts and designers will walk you through the best options for your space.

At our in-home consultation, you’ll get a detailed list of materials and upgrades that work best for your bath.

Let’s look at the most common upgrades homeowners go for.

Vanity & Cabinets

Upgrading vanities and cabinets are a popular upgrade in most bathroom remodels.

For vanities or cabinet boxes, plywood is the best material option. We recommend traditional hardwoods for doors and face frames, as this material can easily be refinished to regain its former glory.

Custom cabinets are on the higher-end scope of a remodel, but semi-custom cabinets bring a higher ROI. Stock cabinets are more affordable, but your choices for dimensions and finishes will be limited.

A wood vanity with a large mirror, bathroom remodeling Olathe
Classic wood cabinets for a bathroom remodel in Overland Park


If you’re changing your vanity, an upgrade to your countertop will be most welcome.

At Mortise & Miter, we recommend to every homeowner quartz counters. Quartz is a manufactured material, very tough, durable, and easy to maintain.

It’s also a more affordable material than natural stone. Other countertop materials are granite, marble, cement, or composites.

A marble countertop with a double vanity and two mirrors for a bathroom remodel in Overland Park, Johnson County

Shower & Bathtub

Many of our customers start their bathroom remodeling in Overland Park by focusing on the shower and tub.

Converting standard fiberglass pan showers to curbless entry showers with matching tile floor and concealed drains ensures increased functionality as long as you own your home.

We’ve noticed a lot of homeowners favor freestanding soaking tubs that allow real relaxation and increase floor space.

On the other hand, jacuzzis and step-down tubs are decreasing in popularity as they create entry and exit hazards as we age.

Natural looking bathroom remodel in Overland Park
Elegant bathroom remodel in Overland Park


A lot of the bathrooms we work on have a lot of issues with the flooring or what was beneath it, namely serious water damage caused by the plumbing system or mold.

Tile remains an excellent option for flooring, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is slowly gaining ground.

Hardwood floors are not ideal for bathrooms as there’s a lot of humidity and water, as wood can absorb moisture and start to rot.

White bathroom remodel in Johnson County with dark decorative tile flooring

Sink & Toilet

Your sink and toilet are bathroom essentials, so upgrading them in your remodel shouldn’t come as an afterthought.

In fact, your sink can become the focal point of your new space if you want to go for something spectacular. Most homeowners choose stylish sinks for their powder rooms but stick to the classic porcelain sink in their master bathroom.

Toilet technology continues to improve with greater performance with fewer gallons per flush. Bidet attachments and fully integrated bidets are slowly making their way into Americans’ lifestyles, providing convenient, increased hygiene without the need for an old-fashioned separate appliance.

A wall-mounted sink with a round decorative mirror, bathroom remodeling for Overland Park
A toilet equipped with gadgets

Have Your Bath Remodeled The Easy Way

This process gets you the most satisfying bathroom you can get without stressing over it.

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We help you create and define your vision.



We work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.
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Pamper yourself in your new bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling In Overland Park: A Case Study

This was a bathroom remodeling in Overland Park, and our customer wanted to transform an older bathroom into a more modern, timeless space.

This 180 ft² master bathroom included:

A bathroom remodeling in Overland Park

We quoted this project at $48,800. The curbless shower with wall-to-wall tile and the heated floor came in at $12,500.

Frequently Asked Questions

For bathroom remodeling in Overland Park, we see the average total cost for a small bathroom of around $15k for a basic remodel. A large main bathroom can cost as much as $50k.

Products and quality will significantly impact your total cost, as they widely vary in price.

We’ll present you with all the options in your preferred price range to provide the best value for your money!

Basic bathroom remodels with new vanity, shower/tub faucets, trim, lighting fixtures, exhaust fan, and new paint take two to three weeks to complete.

A complete mid-sized bath remodel usually takes four to five weeks, and a complete large bathroom can take six weeks or more, depending on the project’s complexity.

You’ll receive an accurate timeline of your project after our initial consultation.

I’m John, the owner of Mortise & Miter, and I’m a licensed and insured Class C residential contractor. I have over a decade of experience in bathroom design, so I’ll make sure your new space is functional and aesthetic at the same time. I will take care of all cabinetry and trim work, and I’ll supervise each stage of your bathroom remodeling in Overland Park.

You’ll work with some of Kansas City’s most trusted trades people. They’re all licensed, insured, and have years of expertise under their belt.

If you want to learn more about what drives us, check out our story!

A large cozy bathroom with flower on the countertop, bathroom remodeling for Kansas

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Bathroom remodeling in Overland Park is Mortise & Miter’s specialty. Since day one, we’ve put your needs at the core of our work.

Your needs and preferences will be our top priority during your remodeling project. We’ll ensure your experience with us is effortless, and you’ll come back for more.

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