12 Questions That Get You The Best Contractor Remodel

Dealing with contractors might not always be a pleasant experience, especially when you want the best kitchen renovation you can get.

They might lie, exaggerate, slack, or postpone your project until they make time for you. Truth be told, a contractor is necessary most of the time if you want your project done right.

But this begs the question. How do you know a specific contractor is right for you and your project?

We answer this pressing question and give extra insights into how contractors operate. Get into the mind of a contractor, discover their secrets and find which one is the perfect fit for your needs.

So, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, here are 12 steps help ensure a smooth process and get the best remodeling experience there is.

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What Type Of Experience Does The Remodeling Contractor Have?

General contractors are the people you go to when you want to have a project done in your home.

They are responsible for hiring and coordinating subcontractors, getting permits, and ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Here are the guidelines for obtaining permits in Johnson County, KS.

General contractors offer general remodeling services, such as bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, additions, etc. The word general in general contractor means they are experienced in all sorts of projects, but they might not be specialized in any.

Sort of like a jack of all trades but master of none.

Focus On Specialized Contractors

General contractors lack the experience and expertise that specialized contractors have on specific projects.

Specialized contractors are people who focus on one specific type of remodeling project. They might be experts in bathrooms, kitchens, additions, or another field.

Because they focus on one area, they have more experience and knowledge in that particular field than general contractors do.

Let’s take kitchen remodel contractors as an example.

A contractor specializing in kitchen renovations will know what’s trendy, what goes out of style quickly, and the most beneficial way of transforming this important room. Besides, a kitchen remodeler gives you more in-depth advice and will make sure your kitchen turns out just as you envisioned it.

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How Long Have They Been In Business?

When hiring a contractor, it’s essential to know how long they’ve been in business.

A contractor working in the industry for a long time had more time to perfect his skills and build a good reputation. They’ll also have more experience, which is always a plus.

On the other hand, companies just starting might be less expensive, but don’t be tempted by the low price. They might not have the same level of knowledge as the other company. Less knowledge about a specific project could lead to disaster down the line.

Doing proper research goes a long way. It allows you to spot red flags, and it helps you avoid costly mistakes that many homeowners make.

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Contractor remodel by a team or individuals?

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a contractor is whether they prefer to work in a team or go solo.


Working in a team has many advantages.


When other workers are involved in the major surgery of your house, misunderstandings are easier to happen. Miscommunication between members can lead to several issues, such as missed deadlines, incorrect work, and budget overruns.

With a single professional in charge of the project, these problems are less likely to occur. The contractor will be able to stay on schedule and within budget and will be able to produce high-quality work.

In addition, the contractor will be able to communicate with you directly, ensuring you’re kept in the loop at all times.

A Contractor Remodel From Trade Partners

At Mortise & Miter we work with trade partners, not employees.

Working with licensed trade partners gives us greater accountability, speed, and lower overhead. Our trade partners are specialized, and familiar with our standards.

A professional project manager will ensure your remodel turns out just how you envisioned it.. You’ll get a team of dedicated family men that can relate to your needs and will promptly answer your most pressing questions.

Where Can You See Testimonials From Their Past Customers?

Past clients can give you an idea of the quality of work that a contractor provides and how well they work with people.

If a contractor has a lot of negative reviews, it’s best to stay away. In contrast, positive reviews mean he built credibility among homeowners, and he is a trustworthy contractor.

It’s also important to look at the type of reviews a contractor receives.

Look for unbiased testimonials from past clients, not from employees, friends, or relatives. A contractor might be able to spin their own story in a way that makes them look better than the competition.

Consider how they answer bad reviews, so you get a sense of their reliability and customer service quality. If they choose to ignore them or throw the blame, it’s best you move on.

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Where Can You See A Contractor Remodel Portfolio?

A contractor’s portfolio is a great way to get an idea of the quality of their work.

Portfolios give you a better idea of the type of projects they’ve worked on in the past. When doing the proper research, you’ll make an informed decision whether they are the right fit for your needs.

Most contractors nowadays will have their portfolio on their website. If they don’t have a website, that’s already a red flag, and you should consider a different company.

How Much Do Remodeling Contractors Charge For Your Type Of Project?

A contractor should provide you with an estimate for your project as soon as they see the scope of work. This estimate should be transparent, meaning that it should include all materials, labor, and other costs associated with the project.

If a contractor can’t provide you with an estimate, or if their estimate is vague and doesn’t include all costs, it’s best to move on and find someone else.

You’ll receive the accurate total cost after the on-site consultation. That’s when we get the full scope of work and discuss the materials you want to use.

Here at Mortise & Miter we have our prices displayed on the website. One of our core values is transparency with our clients and letting them in on absolutely everything that involves their project.

You’ll receive the accurate total cost after the on-site consultation. That’s when we get the full scope of work and discuss the materials you want to use.

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Do They Offer Warranties Or Follow-Ups?

When it comes to renovation projects, it’s essential to make sure that the contractor offers a warranty. This warranty should cover both materials and labor.

If something goes wrong with the project after its completion, the contractor should fix it after a quick inspection.

Make sure that the contractor offers free-of-charge follow-ups services.

Mortise & Miter offer follow-up calls and a visit where you’ll get insights about your home and what to look after on your next project.

What Is The Contractor Remodel Process?

An effortless process is essential for a remodeling project because it ensures no surprises. By having a clear and concise punch list, the contractor can give the customer an accurate and up-front estimate.

It also ensures that both the contractor and the homeowner are on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. This is the best way to avoid conflicts or disagreements later in the project.

A smooth method also helps keep the project on track and prevents it from dragging on for longer than necessary. It saves both the client and the contractor time and money.

Are The Home Remodeling Contractors Licensed And Insured?

There are a few important reasons why a home remodeling contractor needs to be licensed and insured.

First of all, licensing ensures that the contractor has met certain requirements, such as proper training and experience. It also means that they are up to date on the latest industry standards.

Licensing is also important because it protects the client. If something goes wrong with their work, the contractor is liable. But if the contractor is licensed, the client can file a complaint with the licensing board. This will help to get the situation resolved quickly.

Liability Insurance is important because it protects both the client and the contractor if something happens during the project. If an accident occurs on the job site, workers and yourself are protected against potential lawsuits.

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What Happens If Problems Arise During The Project?

Mold, water damage, poor plumbing or electrical installations, or poor past contracting jobs all happen, and they can be troublesome.

If any unexpected costs arise because of the problem, the contractor should be upfront about them and get your approval before proceeding with any work.

If your home renovation contractor is skilled enough, they should fix the issue on their own without needing another specialist.

After hundreds of projects and many challenges that we faced, we learned to deal with any problem that could arise in any remodel. We take pride in being a one-stop-shop where you can get everything fixed without any hassle.

How Long Will The Renovation Take?

A timeline is important because it helps keep the project’s completion on track. It also prevents it from dragging on for longer than necessary.

The timeline should be specific and should outline the start and the successful completion of the project. It’s even better to include the milestones that were reached along the way.

The contractor should also be aware of the timeline and make sure that they can meet the deadlines.

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What Will Be The Noise Level During Construction?

Noise can be a major issue during a renovation. It can be disruptive and it can also be annoying.

It’s important to know how noisy the renovation will be so that you can prepare for it. You may need to make arrangements for childcare or pet care. You may also need to find a place where you can go during the day to avoid the noise.

If the contractor is aware of your needs, they may adjust their schedule so that they work when noise is not a problem.


The many decisions you make along the way will result in a successfully finished project.

From selecting an interior designer to hiring contractors, it’s important to do your homework and ask questions so you can get what you want for your home.

Ask these questions to ensure your remodeling experience goes smoothly and filter through contractors and find the one that’s suitable for your needs and project.

Mortise & Miter provides homeowners with quality craft at competitive prices through their effortless process. Get expert advice and professional services for your upcoming project and ensure your home is transformed into what you envisioned.
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