7 Kitchen Cabinet Features That You’ll Need To Get For Your New Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet features are the little details that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your cabinetry. We’re talking here about soft-close hinges, corner solutions, premium hardware, and even gadgets that you can get to boost the functionality of your cabinets.

In this article, you’ll discover 5 kitchen cabinet features that you’ll need to get for your upcoming kitchen remodel and how they’ll help your kitchen achieve its true potential.

Let’s begin!

Modern cabinets with smart storage options inside the drawers

First Things First

A very important thing we recommend doing is to make an inventory of all the kitchen utensils and hardware that you now have in your cabinets. Take into consideration also the hardware that you’ve having trouble storing, but also the ones that always remain on the counter space.

Besides the kitchen hardware and utensils, also think about all the food that you’ll want to store, especially if you don’t have a pantry.

Anything that you’d like to be stored in the cabinets need to go on that list, so you know what are the best kitchen cabinet features for your particular needs.

1. Pull-out Pantry Drawers

Pantry with pull-out shelves

Pantry drawers are drawers with a higher depth that allows you to store the biggest pots and pans. These are extremely accessible and highly-efficient if you want to keep things organized.

Back in the day, lower cabinets had doors and a drawer made exclusively for silverware. Today, most of our customers prefer keeping pots and baking pans in deep drawers rather than having to squat down and dig around the back of a cabinet to get what they need.

With these drawers, you can easily access items stored in the back, making better use of your available space. You can get tray dividers and vertical dividers as well and organize every little thing for your convenience.

These drawers offer flexible storage which is ideal for heavy-traffic kitchens that are seeing a lot of cooking.

2. Trash and Recycling Bins Pull-outs

Having the trash or recycling bin out on the kitchen floor is not ideal. It simply looks bad and can ruin the vibe of your kitchen.

Pull-out drawers will hide the trash bin in the cabinet while always keeping them handy and easily accessible. These are usually right by the sink or in the kitchen island, keeping your kitchen fully functional and efficient.

3. A Stand Mixer Lift

Kitchen mixers are pretty heavy and moving them around is not ideal. At the same time, you’ll want to keep it stashed to save extra counter space and keep your kitchen organized. A mixer lift will provide easy access to your heavy mixer whenever you need it.

With minimum effort, pulling the mixer out and pushing it back in the cabinet will make your cooking experience a pleasure.

You can get a mixer lift for both upper cabinets (or wall cabinet), but also for base cabinet, like the one below from Lowe’s.

Pullout mixer stand for inside the cabinets

4. Pet-friendly Cabinet Features

Your pet is part of the family, so its comfort shouldn’t remain unattended. Built-in storage solutions for pet food, dishes, bowls, and even beds are all a great addition if you want to keep giving your pet the best environment to grow in.

Not only it keeps everything organized, but it will also keep your floor clean of your pet’s food.

5. Built-in Appliances

I’d say the best cabinet feature nowadays are kitchen cabinets with a designated space for all kitchen appliances.

To keep your kitchen looking sleek and organized, hide the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher right in a cabinet. You can also get an oven cabinet or cabinets for other small appliances that you want to keep out of sight.

Of course, these need more work and it’ll cost you more, but such an upgrade will be a great kitchen cabinet feature that’ll boost your kitchen’s vibe and efficiency.

6. Corner Storage

Cabinet with corner pullout that works as an extendable shelf for easy access

It’s tough to have cabinet doors in the corner of the cabinet for obvious reasons. You risk damaging the cabinet door when opening it, and it’s hard to reach the back of the cabinet to get what you need.

Corner solutions are exactly what you need to fix that. For example, a corner lazy Susan, turns potentially dead space into usable storage space. Same goes for blind corner cabinets, although these are not as efficient. The flexible drawers offer easy storage in a space that would otherwise be wasted.

Corner solutions can have different designs, and all of them will bring a different level of efficiency to your new space.

7. Under-Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lighting is a feature that most of our customers ask for lately. These are great to set the mood for a romantic dinner, a board-games night, or just a family gathering where you get to bond with your loved ones.

Low-voltage cabinet lights will also guide your steps at night and will offer you the perfect setup to cook, look for a late-night snack, or prepare an early morning breakfast. They’re highly functional, efficient, and will help you emphasize the best features of your kitchen.

What You'll Need To Get These Features

Neatly organized kitchen drawer with dividers

Custom cabinets are cabinets that are built specifically for your needs. They can be made to fit any space, and they can be tailored to include any of the features mentioned above.

If you’re looking to get any of these highly-efficient kitchen cabinet features, then custom cabinets are definitely the way to go. You can choose from a variety of designs, materials, and finishes to create the perfect cabinet for your kitchen.

You’ll have to work with a carpenter and a professional cabinet builder to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for, but we can assure you the end-result will be nothing short of impressive.

Here at Mortise & Miter, we have our own carpenters and 25+ years of design experience in creating the best kitchen cabinets our customers could’ve ever wanted.

All these kitchen cabinet features will make your kitchen more efficient and will upgrade its functionality, which is crucial if you’re planning to make it your forever kitchen.

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