8 Tips For Bathroom Remodel: Renovate Your Space Like A Professional

If you’re thinking of a bathroom remodel, you’re in for a fun – and challenging – project. According to a 2020 study, 69% homeowners change their master bathroom because of “an old and outdated look”.

Renovating your bathroom is a great way to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your entire space. However, with so many different aspects to consider, knowing where to start is not always easy.

Professionals have some secrets to make the remodeling process easy and the contracting experience memorable.

In this post, we’ll share 8 quick tips for renovating your bathroom like a pro. Discover these valuable insights and create the perfect bathroom design for your sweet home.

Let’s dive in!

Elegant bathroom with black tiles flooring and tub

1. Plan Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Planning everything out before you start your bathroom remodeling project makes the process way easier. If you don’t have all the details outlined yet, a good start is by browsing online to see what would work for your own space.

Sketch an image of how you want your bathroom to turn out and follow that plan from start to finish. A 3D designer or even an app helps you view how the end-product will look before you start investing in it.

Tip: Some design apps give you materials, prices, décor ideas, and even displays where you can buy everything in your area! You can find design apps with basic features online, but a professional tool comes with a fee.

In any case, planning your project beforehand saves you money by allowing you to think through your project’s details before you start.

2. Consider Your Budget

When budgeting for a bathroom renovation, it’s important to remember there are many different factors that impact the final price.

Here’s what can influence the costs of your renovation:

One of the best tips for bathroom remodel is to set a realistic budget and stick to it as much as possible. This ensures the renovation stays on track – and doesn’t break the bank. 

Tip: Consult with your bathroom remodeler and budget a little extra in case of unexpected costs. Removing mold or water damage is a common extra chore that renovators have to deal with in most projects.
A white tub with two towels and black accents

3. Choose The Right Materials

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when renovating your space is what materials you decide to use for your bathroom fixtures.

The right material for your bathroom will reflect your personal style and meet your needs better than any other. However, you’ll have to keep in mind your budget as well, since new materials are the most expensive part of a renovation.

For example, shower enclosures with glass doors can get as pricey as $15,000 (with installation included).

Here are the most common options homeowners choose for different parts of their bath:

For Bathroom Countertops

Quartz and solid-surface composites are the most popular options for bathroom countertops. They bring a comfortable feel to your space and increase the resale value of your home. They are water resistant and maintaining them is done in seconds.

For Bathroom Flooring

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both popular choices for flooring because they’re durable and easy to clean. They are the traditional choice for flooring, and a much better option than wood. Wall tiles are another option homeowners choose because it helps them avoid mold or other humidity-related issues.
Wooden bathroom flooring with cool free standing tub

4. Consider Your Needs

When remodeling your bathroom, think about what you need. Consider what would you like to be different in your new bathroom, and what you can get rid of.

Many homeowners are removing their bathtub to make more space for a walk-in shower. If you need more storage space, consider a larger vanity that ensures everything in your bathroom has its own space. Decide upon having natural lighting, artificial lighting with a dimmer switch, heated floor, and proper ventilation.

If you have a small bathroom and you want to use every available inch of your space, keep the bathtub, add a walk-in shower, invest in a larger vanity, and add wall shelves.

5. Get Creative With Your Bathroom Layout

Think outside the box when remodeling your bathroom.

Be creative with the layout, materials, and finishes you choose. Select a color palette that improves the entire look and complements the rest of your home. This makes your bathroom unique and helps reflect your personality.

Talk to your remodeling contractor or interior designer to figure out what could work – or not – in your space. Our experts at Mortise & Miter give you valuable insights and make your vision a reality.

Organic bathroom with plants and wooden flooring

6. Select The Right Professional

One of the most important tips for bathroom remodel is to pick the right contractor for your project.

A professional with years of experience ensures your renovation goes smoothly, stays in your budget, and the entire process is stress-free.

They’ll have the knowledge and contacts to get the job done right, and will help advise you on the most cost-effective materials and finishes for your space.

Make sure you’re making the best decision by taking your time to research contractors in your area. Ask for referrals from friends and family so you can quickly find how different companies operate.

7. Avoid Any DIY Work

While there are many DIY tutorials for bathroom remodeling projects, it’s best not to attempt them if you’re not confident in your skills.

Installing the right fixtures and tiling properly takes a lot of skill and time. Painting the bathroom ceiling and walls is yet another time-consuming task that a professional can do in a few hours.

Undertaking a bathroom remodel on your own takes precious time that you can invest in something different. Spend that time on a short vacation if you trust your contractor, or enjoy the entire process while you’re in control of everything.

Tips for bathroom remodel with a minimalistic incorporated sink

8. Enjoy The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Out of all these bathroom remodeling tips for a successful project, enjoying the contracting experience and the renovation process is essential.

Find a contractor you can trust and they will make the entire process a memorable experience.

With Mortise & Miter, starting and going through your bathroom renovation is a stress-free and effortless upgrade. In no time, you’ll have an updated bathroom that your entire family will enjoy for many years to come.


If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, the key to success is to enjoy the experience. These 8 tips for bathroom remodel are a great way to make that happen. Renovating a bathroom is an exciting process, but don’t try to take on the project yourself. Leave such an impactful project for professionals and rest assured knowing your bathroom will turn out great. Tailor your new bathroom for your needs and lifestyle and be creative with your choices for layout, materials, and finishes. Call your local experts from Mortise & Miter and get the best bathroom remodels in your neighborhood. Years of experience guarantee your project will turn out just as you envisioned it, and your contracting experience will be unforgettable. Get in touch today and put your hands on the best bathroom remodel in Olathe, Kansas!
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